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Here's two ways of getting your Pride on without draining your bank account
Posted By GSC Admin Team     June 21, 2017    
New York, NY, United States - Get Directions
One of the great things about Pride is there is so much fun to be had without having to spend a lot of money! Oh that’s not to say there won’t be high-ticket parties this weekend - there will be plenty of those - and some of the regular party hosts will be raising their prices for the weekend. But there are quite a few Pride activities that are completely free, and that includes sex parties as well! In fact, there are two Pride Parties Friday that are for two completely different groups of guys that won’t cost you a thing!


For the Bear crowd, there is the BEEF HOTEL PRIDE PARTY, a safe-sextraveganza for bears, cubs, otters and their admirers. It has more of a “house-party” type fun and social atmosphere along with the sex which makes it a perfect way to kick off Pride Weekend. There’ll be complimentary vodka drinks, coronas, condoms, lube, and clothes check in a comfy and spacious one-bedroom suite in Times Square. There’s no donation, no door charge, and no clothes check fee. Everything is complementary. You can find out more about it HERE or just head over to to sign up!


For the Fit/Athletic crowd there is the GOKKUM GANG party (previously known as SWALLOW), a bukkake party that starts off as a big group JO and suckfest. The host describes it this way: “We play around until the guys are edged, then the whole gang jerks off in one guys mouth or a glass, and we watch him chug it all at the end. The party is free (your seed is your cover), so check it out and bring your posse.” You can find out more about the party at it’s GSC listing HERE

Our full list of parties for the weekend and following week will be going up Thursday night, or you can take a look at them NOW on the Parties Page by becoming a VIP Member. Just head over to your subscription tab in your settings and choose the option that's right for you.

Happy Pride and Happy Partying!

- The GSC Admin Team