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The second PRIVATE PARTY for April is this Wednesday!
Posted By Adrian     April 20, 2015    
“Could it be? Yes it could. Something’s coming, something good, if you can waaaaaaaaaait!” But luckily you don’t have to wait much longer because April has the good fortune of hosting not one, but two PRIVATE PARTIES. Yes it seems like just a couple of weeks ago when naked twinks were cavorting with pumped-up muscle men in that upscale loft apartment in Midtown – that’s because it WAS only a couple of weeks ago. And yet here are again looking forward to another sexy and salacious, yet safe and sane celebration of carnal pleasures. Are you in good shape and between the ages of 18 and 45? Do you like to play safe? If the answer to both of those questions is a resounding “Yes” then there is only one place for you to be this Wednesday and that is at NYC's ONLY large scale safe-sex party for young fit students and white-collar professionals. Make sure you plan ahead though because you can’t just waltz into this one. They keep the crowd high-end through their extensive screening process, so contact the host now so you can get your initial phone interview set up.
And then you can thank me later.
You can find the details of this party here:
And remember you can find the listings of all the upcoming parties now at their new home at
See you there men!