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Some of the sex party highlights to look forward to this Pride Week in NYC
Posted By Adrian     June 23, 2015    

This is a repost of my original entry on my Adventures in Group Sex blog. 


Ah Pride week. The rally, the parade, the fireworks, and of course, all of the fresh-from-out-of-town meat (I’m sorry, did I say meat? I meant MEN of course…) wanting a taste of that sexy seediness that NYC is known for. And I am happy to say that despite the best attempts of the city, corporations and past mayors, seediness is still to be found if you know where to look for it. Especially around Pride. Because just about EVERYONE is having a party this week / weekend. You can find the vast majority of them listed at but for those of you who are seeking some guidance, here is a look at the city’s most popular parties.
If you are from out-of-town, like to play safe, and don’t want to leave with more than that NYFD t-shirt for your nephew, you might want to check out my blog entry on the importance of playing safe at NYC sex parties before you head into the fray.
If you want to minimize your exposure to STDs this Pride, there are three great safe-sex parties going on this week / weekend where you can lower your chances of exposure while still having tons of sucking and fucking fun. For the fit athletic crowd, check out PRIVATE PARTY on Wednesday and MEN’S DEN’S ASS ACTION HOTEL PARTY on Friday, and for the Bear crowd, don’t miss the BEEF HOTEL PARTY on Saturday.
The rest of the options below allow both barebacking and safe sex so attend those at your own risk.
Here are some of the highlights you might want to consider over the next five days.
The first major Pride Party of the week is also NYC’s biggest and longest running safe-sex party PRIVATE PARTY. Looking for slim twinks and muscular gym bodies? You’ll find them here. Social, safe, fun, hot, playful, and a great party for first-timers. But contact the host now so you can get your phone interview in time before the party, there is a bit of a screening process for this one to get a high-caliber crowd. But if you are looking for safe play with a young, in-shape crowd of students and professionals, it’s completely worth it.
Location: Midtown West, Manhattan
Risk Factor: Safe sex only
Crowd: Average to fit and athletic only, ages 18 to 45, mostly white crowd
Time: 8:30-11:30
Donation: $26 including clothes check
Getting in: Email the host at PRIVATE.PARTY@MSN.COM
Another big party for the young twink crowd is happening on Thursday night – GBU’s (GoldenBoysUSA) watersports themed NAKED KEGGER. Unlike Wednesday’s Private Party, this one doesn’t have a strict safe-sex policy so I suggest you proceed with caution at this one. But if size is what you are after, these parties usually attract a large crowd. Since this time around it is on an atypical Thursday night (the party is usually held on a weekend), it’s hard to know what it will be like this week, but I think it’s safe to assume you’ll find at least over 100 guys at this one. Although there is a watersports theme and there will be plenty of pissing going on, it’s kept to one area of the basement that can be avoided if it’s not your cup of chamomile.
Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn
Risk-factor: Bareback and Safe-Sex
Crowd: Average to Fit and Athletic, ages 18 to early 30s, mostly white
Time: 7pm-3am
Donation: $20 before 9pm, $25 after 9pm, $10 for guys under 21 all night
Getting in: Email your pics and stats to
Kick off Pride Weekend with complimentary margaritas and lots of hot intimate sex with the attractive and fit men of MEN’S DEN at their ASS ACTION HOTEL PARTY. If you are looking for a group where you can get a taste of all the different kinds of hot men NYC has to offer, this is it, as it’s known for being one of the more racially and culturally diverse selective parties in the city. There’s a bit of a screening process for this one as well and you have to become a Men’s Den member before you attend, so make sure you apply at least a day or two ahead of time for the best chance to get in.
Party: ASS ACTION HOTEL PARTY Location: Midtown, Manhattan
Risk-Factor: Safe Sex only
Crowd: Fit and athletic only, ages 21 to 49, racially diverse
Time: 8pm til Midnight (door closes at 11pm)
Donation: $20 all inclusive (no additional fees for clothes check or drinks)
Getting in: Go to for more info.
A bit later on in the evening NYJP will be hosting New York’s biggest Jock Party filled with all the hot bods and attitude the NYJP is known for. This is a nude-only party so no underwear or modesty allowed. There is barebacking allowed however so if you like to stick to playing safe, be aware that you may end up playing with others who are not. You’ll need to be on the invite list to attend, and be prepared to lift your shirt up at the door to show you fit the criteria. At $30, the donation is a bit steep (it’s the most expensive party on this list) so if you go to this one, you might want to plan to attend after 3am when the donation drops down to $20.
Party: NYJP
Location: Midtown, Manhattan
Risk-Factor: Bareback and Safe Sex
Crowd: Fit and athletic only, ages 21 to 40s, mostly white
Time: 10pm-6am
Donation: $30 including clothes check, $20 after 3am.
Getting in: Email pics and stats to
Are you an in-shape athletic Black and/or Latino guy and into other Black and/or Latino guys? If so, head out to Park Slope, Brooklyn for the Nubian Dukes BOXER NUBIAN party. I haven’t been to a Nubian Dukes party myself since I’m neither Black nor Latino and you need to be to get in, but the overwhelming consensus I get from those who have been is that a) the guys and action at this party are among the hottest in the city and, b) there is a lot of barebacking that goes on. So as long as you are fine with "b" and fit the criteria, then you might want to consider putting this party on your “must do” list.
Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn
Risk-Factor: Bareback and Safe Sex
Crowd: Fit and athletic only, ages 21 to 40s, Black and Latino only
Time: 11pm-6am
Donation: $22, includes clothes check.
Getting in: Email pics and stats to
On Saturday night it’s the Bear/Cub crowd that get to sexually celebrate Pride at their own safe-sex party, the BEEF HOTEL PARTY. With complementary margaritas and other drinks and no shortage of bear-on-cub-on-chaser action in an intimate hotel suite setting, this party may very well be more bare bears than you can bear! (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.) This is a members-only party, so make sure you apply to get on the membership list early so you can get an invite.
Location: Midtown, Manhattan
Risk-Factor: Safe Sex only
Crowd: Bears, Cubs, Otters, Chasers ages 21 to 59, very racially diverse
Time: 8pm-Midnight, door closes at 11pm
Donation: $20 all inclusive (no additional fees for clothes check or drinks)
Getting in: Go to for more info. You can sign up for a BEEF membership at
But the night won’t be over just yet for my bear buddies. Once BEEF starts winding down around Midnight or so, head over to the (relatively) close-by EAGLE Bar which should just be starting to get packed around that time with even more hairy beary guys. Although this technically is a leather bar and not a sex club or sex party, I have no doubt that those looking for debauchery will find plenty going on there this Saturday night. Work your way through the crowd on the second floor to see what kind of hot public action you could get pulled into.
Location: Chelsea, Manhattan
Risk-Factor: Technically N/A (but you’ll likely find both barebacking and safe going on among the crowd)
Crowd: All types, but mostly bears and leather daddy types of all ages and races.
Time: Opens at 3pm, but the scene there on Saturday typically really gets going around Midnight and goes until 4am.
Donation: There’s not typically a cover, but a $2 bag check.
Getting in: Just show up. You can find more info at
For the non-bear-culture guys among you, fret not, you’re Saturday night still has lots of live-porn potential with the BATHHOUSE party at the Liberty Theatre. I admit this is a bit of a shot-in-the-dark for me since I believe this is the first year that they have held this large-scale dance/circuit-styled party, but it’s a recreation of a 70s-style bathhouse in an old Broadway theatre complete with men walking around in towels, living roman statues and an adult theater – how could it NOT be hot?
Location: Times Square, Manhattan
Risk-Factor: N/A?
Crowd: All ticket holders are admitted.
Time: 11pm until ?
Donation: Tickets are $20 if purchased in advance
Getting in: You can purchase tickets at
You know that Nubian Duke’s party on Friday I mentioned? They also have one on Saturday, their BUTTNAKED DUKES party with a more “relaxed door” meaning you still need to be at least height/weight proportionate but don’t have to be ripped to get in. This one is being held in Midtown and is an all-nude affair. You can expect a big crowd at this one: 100 to 200 guys. Again this is for Black and Latino guys only so if you aren’t either one, don’t waste your time, you are not going to get in.
Location: Midtown, Manhattan
Risk-Factor: Bareback and Safe Sex
Crowd: Average height/weight proportionate to fit and athletic only, ages 21 to 40s, Black and Latino only
Time: 11pm-6am
Donation: $25
Getting in: Email pics and stats to
Even with all the Pride festivities, there are still a multitude of sex parties going on Sunday and it looks like there’s one to fit just about every taste. Into bears? I’ve been told recently THE BEAR PARTY is a good one to check out. Looking for a fit and young crowd? Try the BOXERS AND BRIEFS party co-hosted by the hosts of the previously mentioned GBU and NYJP parties. Into BDSM? Check out the NEW YORK BONDAGE CLUB. Mutual Jacking off? The NEW YORK JACKS could be your thing.  

You can find the listings of these and all the upcoming parties at
Play safe, be smart, have fun, and Happy Pride!


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