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NYC's ONLY large-scale SAFE-SEX monthly event--Carefully SCREENED and CURATED-exclusively SAFE-SEX and very SOCIAL
Posted By PRIVATE PARTY     October 16, 2018    
Midtown West, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA - Get Directions
The PRIVATE PARTY, since 1996, is an exclusive monthly, ALL NUDE, SAFE-SEX, DRUG-FREE and very SOCIAL event for well-built, well-groomed, handsome, professional men and students -- age range 18- 45.

We are the last and ONLY large-scale EXCLUSIVELY SAFE-SEX party in NYC. PRIVATE PARTY events are safe, discreet, friendly, completely DRUG-FREE and open only to our members. In order to maintain our standards all potential members are SCREENED BY PHONE PRIOR TO a brief confirmatory IN-PERSON INTERVIEW.

Members of this large organized group are in fine physical and mental shape --- confident, interesting and accomplished . This is a highly screened group who practice SAFE-SEX and enjoy mixing and meeting in a drug-free, friendly, nude, social and sexual environment.

If you match the basic qualifications and would like more detailed information.... Please contact me at**  PRIVATE.PARTY@MSN.COM ** . I look forward to speaking with you and then welcoming you to PRIVATE PARTY events in the near future.... The FALL Schedule :  , WED.OCT.24, WED.NOV.14 and WED.DEC.5

Cheers! Richard