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A congregation of people with pride for fetish and kink to be held in the streets of New York City on June 21st to June 23rd. 
Posted By Carl     June 9, 2019    
The streets of New York City will once again be swarmed with groups that appeal to the LGBT community and the kink leather-adorned muscle hunks of east Mississippi. On June 21st up to June 23rd, witness a celebration through "NYC Fetish Weekend by Folsom Street East," New York’s premiere s/m-leather-fetish themed street festival.

Let's kick things off with "S.L.U.T. Tea." I know the name of the party alone already makes you horny. Join us for our S.L.U.T.S Fantasies Fulfilled Tea Dance. Dance in only your gear outfits til you drop, or at least your gear and underwear drops.  Partying on June 22nd at the Eagle NYC.

Head over to West 27th Street on June 23rd for "Folsom Street East Festival." Come out and celebrate how proud we are of our world. Where Kink, leather and fetish are a part of who we are. A safe space created on a NYC Street to be who you are no matter your race, creed, color, gender identity or expression, size, shape or ability.

Whether you choose to party or engage in Bukake, it's all happening at "Folsom East After Party." NYC's second biggest night of debauchery (behind the Black Party) is at the Eagle NYC bar during, and especially after the Folsom Street East Festival. By mid-afternoon the place is usually packed full of shirtless men in harnesses and other fetish gear, with a long line stretching around the corner on into the evening. Most of the action tends to take place on the second floor near the front by the bathrooms, but there's usually action going on all through all three floor if you keep your eyes open for it.

But don't just strain your eyes with all the eye candy, join the fun, it will be one spank in the ass you'll never forget.

For more details on the parties, check out our complete listing here