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The first ever Labear Day Weekend Palm Springs happens this August 30th in California.
Posted By WGP Moderator Carl     August 27, 2019    
Palm Springs, CA, USA - Get Directions
The end of August will bring forth the start of something big for hair loving dudes in Palm Springs in California; the "Labear Day Weekend Palm Springs." The theme for their debut festival is Leather and Bear. So you better clear your throat now, this is one hair-balling event you don't want to get choked with (but then again, some of you might grin with the thought of getting choked...with what? I'll leave that to your imagination). 

The festivities will be filled with events that will give rise to your all the right places. So check out these parties that are guaranteed to excite every bear, cub, otter and their admirers.

Kicking things off, "MOBD (Muscle, Otter, Bear, Daddy)" happens on August 31st at Copa Nightclub. DJ Seth Breezy will be bringing you his killer beats all the way from Hotlanta to get you dancing sweaty and shirtless through the night. The MOBD dancers will be there shaking it for you as well. 

Jump into a pool filled with the hottest hairy blokes around in "Wet Coc." This is a clothing optional pool party, so don't be surprised if hair is the only form of clothing that you brush yourselves up against in in the pool. Splashing its way to a memorable party at All Worlds Resort on August 31st.

If hair and ink thrown into a dance party is your thing, then groove your way to "Tattoo - Special." Partying in the morning light on September 1st at the Copa Nightclub.

If you like FURBALL at IML, this will be all that with a twist... What twist?... a twisted hairball! Just kidding... "Furball Big Top," will be rocking the beats on Sept 1st to Sept 2nd at the Tool Shed.

Here is a link to all the cool parties happening on this festival.

So let your mane be your shining glory in this celebration, grab your tickets now before all our other furry friends have all the fun.


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