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The PrivateParty is NYC's ONLY large-scale SAFE-SEX/DRUG-FREE monthly event...carefully SCREENED and CURATED with a very SOCIAL vibe.
Posted By PRIVATE PARTY     November 3, 2019    
Midtown West, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA - Get Directions
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The PRIVATE PARTY, since 1996, is an exclusive monthly, ALL NUDE, SAFE-SEX, DRUG-FREE and very SOCIAL event for well-built, well-groomed, handsome, professional men and students -- age range 18- 45.

We are the last and ONLY large-scale EXCLUSIVELY SAFE-SEX party in New York City. PRIVATE PARTY events are safe, discreet, friendly, completely DRUG-FREE and open only to our members. In order to maintain our standards all potential members are SCREENED BY PHONE PRIOR TO a brief confirmatory IN-PERSON INTERVIEW on the night of your first party.

Members of this large organized group are in fine physical and mental shape --- confident, interesting and accomplished . This is a highly screened group who practice SAFE-SEX and enjoy mixing and meeting in a drug-free, friendly, nude, social and sexual environment.

If you match the basic qualifications and would like more detailed information.... Please contact me at**  PRIVATE.PARTY@MSN.COM ** .

I look forward to speaking with you and then welcoming you to PRIVATE PARTY events in the near future.... the Fall parties are WED. NOV.13, WED.DEC.4  and Winter beging on JAN.8 and JAN. 29...from 8:00-11:00 (new member interviews are 7:30 to 8:00)

Cheers! Richard