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The PRIVATE PARTY, the last large -scale SAFE gay sex party in NYC
Posted By PRIVATE PARTY     November 13, 2015    
The PRIVATE PARTY, the last large -scale SAFE gay sex party in NYC (the Ass Action groups are, of course, safe also). It has been very encouraging to see the significant growth of new members and massive attendance at this Fall's events as the gay community continues to seek a fully safe sex venue.

The event on Nov.11 was the largest with 127 members enjoying a great night of SAFE sex in a drug-free social environment.

PRIVATE PARTY is an exclusive monthly, SAFE-SEX and SOCIAL event for well-built, well-groomed, handsome, professional men and students 18- 45.

PRIVATE PARTY events are safe, discreet, friendly, completely DRUG-FREE and open only to our members. In order to maintain our standards all potential members are SCREENED BY PHONE PRIOR TO a brief confirmatory IN-PERSON INTERVIEW. We are the last large-scale, exclusively SAFE SEX party in NYC.

The final party of 2015 is on WED.DEC.2 and 2016 begins with a special SUNDAY party on Jan.10.

Read about PRIVATE PARTY at this site or contact Richard at PRIVATE.PARTY@MSN.COM for complete details.