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Wait you're telling me I can visit New Orleans and get nutted in by 7 strangers at a party? Holy shit I thought it was just Mardi Gras and jazz
Posted By Pup Xerxes     November 24, 2021    
New Orleans, LA, USA - Get Directions
New Orleans! Omg! Bourbon Street! Gumbo! Parades! Jazz Fest! Uhhhhh no gay bathhouses? But they have those leather bars you can fuck in sometimes, right? Or didn't they raid those or something? wait i heard they raided the bars but now the fuck is kind of back WELL AT LEAST THERE'S SOUTHERN DECADENCE, RIGHT, THAT'S THE BIG GAY THING WITH THE ORGIES RIGHT?

Well did you know that you can also visit New Orleans during OTHER TIMES OF THE YEAR and STILL GO TO A SEX PARTY?

Well ok it's the one thrown by the weird gays who wear dog masks and ask you your pronouns but hey, unprotected sex with multiple strangers! That's something, right?

Anyway so there's this party called Undercurrent, and we do it once a month or so, unless the organizers are tired.

We cater to the 18-40 crowd by filling our Instagram with high-effort shitposts, and having a glowstick-based consent system, where you have to ask people first before touching them unless they're wearing the "breed me first, ask questions later" glowstick. It works.The baby gays who've never been to an orgy, and the seasoned cum-hungry pigs, all coexist in harmony.

The vibe is basically a bunch of gay people in jockstraps casually discussing either Pokemon or their ADHD meds, while literally 3 feet away a bunch of their friends are getting viciously dicked down. Often ass-eating tops will momentarily pull their face out of the butthole to briefly chime in about their D&D characters.It is complete chaos and yet we promise you will make genuine human connection with the strangers who cum in you and vice versa. Fuckin wild how that works out.

So next time you're planning a trip to New Orleans during no specific time, just, you know, whenever you could get off work, and you're wondering, Hey! Where's the fuck at? You have your answer. The fuck is at Undercurrent.

You have never been to anything like this before, unless you've been to like, a furry convention orgy? Yeah those are kind of similar I guess. Anyway come fuck the weird gays.

Our website is and it's got information about the latest party. Check us out when you're coming to town and stop by. Do some horny bullshit.


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  • Brad Logan (WGP Admin)
    Brad Logan (WGP Admin)  · November 24, 2021
    Awesome blog entry - Thanks for posting!