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Here’s five ways our party stands apart from other NYC gay sex parties for jocks and other fit muscular men
Posted By Alpha Spectrum     October 15, 2016    
Midtown, New York, NY, United States - Get Directions

You've probably already heard that Men’s Den is one of the hottest parties for muscular, athletic fit guys in NYC, but here are 5 ways that it stands apart from most of the other gay group sex parties for fit guys in the city:

#1 - A great mix of different guys

We’re in NYC! One of the most diverse cities in the country! We like our party to have all the flavors of NYC and believe that variety is the spice of life, so you’ll find all sorts of different kinds of dudes mixing it up with other dudes of different backgrounds in The Den.

We’ve found in our gay group sex experience that the more of a mix of different type guys you have in a room, the hotter the group is and the hotter the sex gets! I mean you can have a bowl of just plain vanilla ice cream or just plain chocolate…or you could have a sundae with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, bananas, nuts, cherries and whipped cream. Mmm-mmm! The more ingredients you got going on, the more interesting the texture and delicious the taste! We’re a group for guys who like going for the sundae. And there’s no calories in ours!



#2 - It’s not called Men’s Den for nothin’

The focus in Men’s Den is on MEN. We do like to have some boyish guys there to mix it up a bit and about a 1/3 of our members are in their 20s, but we aim for more of a combo of different ages than other gay sex parties for fit guys and this group leans more toward “manly-men" types than "clean-cut" types or “twinks” (for lack of better terms.) It gives the group a more masculine urban vibe.

Although we technically say the party is for guys ages “21 to 40s-ish,” truth is, this is first-and-foremost a gay sex party for hot athletic dudes and we have found that there are some men that are aging extremely well in this day and age. If a dude looks good and is in great shape, well, hot is hot!


#3 - It’s in a clean comfortable space.

The parties are held in hotel rooms as opposed to the sparsely furnished lofts and sex spaces the other gay sex parties use.  The hotel room environment gives the parties a warm, intimate and friendly feel (there’s no room for attitude here) that leads to more group interaction and a whole lotta hot sex.

You can fuck around in a comfy bed instead of on the awkward chairs and sofas in other party spaces, and the close-quarters means there’s hot mouths, dicks and ass everywhere you turn. That means more sex-per-square-inch than you’ll find at any other group sex party.


#4 - It’s a safe-sex party

We’re one of the few parties left in NYC that requires condoms for fucking to help keep everyone’s risk of STIs down.  We've also found that making it a safe-sex party creates an environment where everyone can really relax and enjoy each other. Since barebacking isn’t even on the table so to speak, everyone can skip the “do you/don’t you/are you gonna wrap that up before you put it in me/awww, do I have to” bullshit and can get straight to business. Which means a lot less worry and awkward negotiation and a whole lot more fucking.


 #5 - It’s Free!

Other athletic / jock parties in Midtown charge anywhere from $25 to $30 dollars. After paying clothes check and tipping the clothes check dude you could be looking at $35 or more.

There is never any donation or door charge at our parties and no tips are accepted. Everything is complementary – clothes check, imported beer, vodka-spiked drinks, snacks, premium lube (Gun Oil), condoms including XLs (which are always in high demand at our parties – just sayin’) - we provide everything you need for a safe and sexy time at no charge.

So when are the next Men’s Den group sex parties?

Our next parties are:

Friday, September 15th

Friday, October 13th

Friday, November 10th

Friday, December 8th

Friday, January 12th

Arrival is between 8pm and 9pm and the party goes until Midnight


Ready to check out NYC’s hottest free gay sex party for Fit Men?

Click here for more info and to sign up for our gay group sex party for muscular and athletic men


We’ll see you at the party!


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  • Ginger Jack
    Ginger Jack  · August 19, 2017
    So... It's different because its exclusive, gender normative, you have to use condoms, its in a hotel, and based on the "diversity" photo there's a token black guy there? That doesn't sound different lol, that sounds completely old fashioned at...  more
    • Alpha Spectrum
      Alpha Spectrum  · October 10, 2017
      Hey Ginger, I think the thing that really separates our party from the other fit-guy parties in the city is actually how diverse the group is, so your comment has made me realize that the pictures in this blog entry don't reflect just how diverse this...  more
  • david
    david  · April 6, 2017
    are these actual party shots? or porn.
    • Alpha Spectrum
      Alpha Spectrum  · April 7, 2017
      They're porn. There is no picture-taking or video allowed at the parties to protect everyone's privacy.