Which Membership (Free or VIP) is the right "fit" for me personally?

It depends on where you live and how much you travel.

The majority of the parties we list are in New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. If you live in or often travel to any of these cities and you would like to see what parties are coming up in advance, then a VIP Membership would be the right fit for you.

We also list a smaller number of parties in San Francisco, Toronto, Miami/Ft Lauderdale, Atlanta, and Washington DC, so if you live or travel to any of those areas you might benefit from a VIP Membership as well. In general, if you travel a lot you might benefit from a VIP Membership since we also list parties and special retreat weekends all over the US and Canada.

If you don't live in or are close to one of the above mentioned cities and don't travel much, than a Regular Free Membership should work fine for you.