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Wicked Gay Parties (formally Group Sex in the City at groupsexinthecity.com) is a site created by and for members of the Gay Group Sex Party community. Here's a place where you can find listings of Gay Sex Parties, Orgies, and other sexy events in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Toronto, and all over North America. We've got the 411 on Circuit Parties, Dance Parties and Festivals. Underwear Parties, Bear Parties, Leather Parties, Dads and Lads, Watersports, Pup Parties, Jock Parties, basically anywhere you might find Gay Group Sex going on.  


In normal times, this Guest Homepage would be where you would be able to see the next 25 upcoming parties.  Unfortunately these are not normal times. But we as a community have dealt with a virus outbreak before, and came out on the other side even stronger. So we have no doubt we will do so again. 


There will be plenty more group sex adventures waiting for us when we come out of this. But in order to enjoy them, we need to make it through this first.  So please take good care of yourselves and keep yourselves safe as well as those around you. And when this public health emergency gets under control and we are able to get together again to celebrate our sexual freedom and energy together, we will be here giving you the 411 on the many options across North America. 


In the meantime we have a couple of new features we are bringing you to keep you guys entertained in the interim.


One is that we are trying out Virtual Parties for our Members to help you guys connect and get off together during this time of social distancing. See below for info on our Vitual Group Jackoff Parties!


Our second feature that we are working on is a new video section where you'll be able to stream group sex videos with new scenes being added every week, many of them featuring original content of "real" men (not actors) at real sex parties. We're working hard to get this up and going as soon as possible so keep an eye out for it in the coming days!


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Due to the current state of emergency we are suspending our list of upcoming Parties. 



In the meantime join us for our Virtual Group Jackoff Party or jackoff on your own to our new video section coming soon!