Quick Information

  • Door Policy Open Door
  • Door closes at Midnight
  • Cover or Donation $20 plus $2 clothes check
  • Frequency Every Monday night

The Crowd

  • Ages 18 and up
  • Racial Mix Mostly Men of Color
  • Types of men Average Joe, Bear, Blue Collar, Burly
  • Average Size of Crowd 50-70 guys

The Place

  • Vibe Chill/Laid Back
  • Venue Type Basement/ Dungeon
  • Supplies Condoms, Lube, Snacks
  • Lighting Low with some Dark Corners

Getting In

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  • Hotnjbottom
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    So much dick!
    July 2, 2019 - by Hotnjbottom
    • Date you attended: July 1, 2019
    • Time you attended, and how long you stayed: 8:15 pm to 11:30 pm -- 3hrs
    • Approximate number of guests while you were there: 30+?
    • Describe the body types, age range, and racial mix: Quite an age range, most of the bodies were pretty decent, mostly white, I'd say 20% black (but I'm terrible at head counts). I was pleased at how many attractive men were present.
    • What was the vibe like? A lot of sex, guys were horny as fuck.
    • Was there barebacking going on? Yes sir, I can personally attest to that
    • Was there PnP? None that I saw. Everyone seemed sober
    • Who would you recommend this party to? Men who like to have sex with other men.
    • Who would you not recommend this party to? Mike Pence. Oh, wait, on second thought he might like it.
    Tell us about your experience: I last went to a JOC party at Paddles 3 years ago and was frankly disappointed. A lot of the guys were terribly out of shape and it was a low energy event. This was a big improvement. I went because a guy on BBRT invited me to meet him there, and I was glad I did it. It was a relatively small crowd, but guys in good shape and attractive, and folks were VERY active. I rarely had much down time -- at a minimum I was fucked by 7 guys (I wasn't always sure who was fucking me) and sucked tons of dick. Guys came in my pussy, in my mouth and on my face. I was spit roasted multiple times and had a couple short trains pulled on me where I didn't know who was fucking me. These are basically my favorite activities -- taking multiple dicks at once. One fine gentleman kept coming back to me and fucking me over and over again throughout the evening -- he had a huge cock, big balls and came tons. I'm sore the next day but in a good way. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is that the attendance was relatively low, compared to some parties at Paddles, but there was still plenty of dick to go around. I was also not the only pussy getting pounded -- everyone was getting it on. I would def go again if this night was any indication of a typical JOC party.
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