Quick Information

  • Door Policy Somewhat Selective
  • Door closes at 1am
  • Cover or Donation 20
  • Frequency every week

The Crowd

  • Ages 18-20, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s
  • Racial Mix Mixed/ Interracial
  • Types of men Average Joe, Blue Collar, Burly, Hipsters, Jocks, Twink, White Collar/ Business Men
  • Average Size of Crowd 50

The Place

  • Vibe Chill/Laid Back
  • Venue Type Loft
  • Supplies Condoms, Lube, Drinks
  • Lighting Low with some Dark Corners

Getting In



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  • Hotnjbottom
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    Disappointing, very little action
    October 31, 2019 - by Hotnjbottom
    • Date you attended: October 30, 2019
    • Time you attended, and how long you stayed: Arrived around 9 pm stayed a little more than an hour
    • Approximate number of guests while you were there: 20
    • Describe the body types, age range, and racial mix: Most guys were decent looking, but the suggestion that they were all hunks is false. Very few guys had six packs or anything like that. These were basically normal looking guys. Mostly white, with a few black and a few Latinx attendees. Ages appeared to be 30s, 40s, 50s.
    • What was the vibe like? There were very few guys. When I left about 20 guys were there. There was almost no action. Mostly guys were standing around or walking around in circles, but almost no actual sex. I been to dozens of sex parties, and this is the only time I had zero sex the entire time I was there. One couple (they arrived together) got it one with each other, and a little bit with a couple other guys, but other than that there was almost no fucking and very little cock sucking. The music was good, but the overall vibe was a downer.
    • Was there barebacking going on? I think so
    • Was there PnP? No
    • Who would you recommend this party to? It's possible it was an off night (Wednesday). It's also possible that the party got better later on -- there were still guys arriving when I left. But by 10:15 in the evening -- which is kinda late for a week night -- there were still very few guys, and they were mostly just standing around.
    • Who would you not recommend this party to? Anyone who is interested in having a lot of sex.
    Tell us about your experience: Just nothing happened. I never been to a party before that was this dead.
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