• West Village, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
  • Friday, October 26, 2018 at 10:00 PM US/Eastern
    Saturday, October 27, 2018 at 4:00 AM US/Eastern

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Party Host

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THE HOST SAYS: "Remember all those dirty games you wanted to play in high school but couldn't because you were a big old 'mo? Spin the Bottle, 7 Minutes in Heaven, Ookie Cookie, Truth or Dare? Well we're Giving You the Opportunity To Change All That at Our Dirty Game Night. We'll be playing those games and many more of your favorites, plus you'll have plenty of time for open play in our two floor, indoor and outdoor playspace in North Brooklyn."


  • Verified? The Host has NOT VERIFIED these details
  • Door Policy Not Selective
  • Door closes at Event ends at 3am
  • Cover or Donation $25 / $5 clothes check
  • Frequency Unknown

The Crowd

  • Ages 18 and up
  • Racial Mix Unknown
  • Types of men Average Joe, Bear, Blue Collar, Burly, Hipsters, Jocks, Twink, White Collar/ Business Men
  • Average Size of Crowd Unknown

The Place

  • Vibe Anonymous
  • Venue Type Unknown
  • Supplies Condoms, Lube
  • Lighting Low with some Dark Corners

Getting In

  • Instructions Email the host with the subject line "GAME NIGHT".
  • Host Email nycinferno@gmail.com


  • dvdvr
    dvdvr  · June 23, 2018
    what is the adress -locker situation ? byob ? thanks !
    • Brad Logan (WGP Admin)
      Brad Logan (WGP Admin)  · June 29, 2018
      Contact the host at the email address in the "Getting In" section above for more details.