• Midtown, Manhattan, NYC, NY, USA
  • Friday, June 15, 2018 at 9:00 AM US/Eastern - 2:00 PM US/Eastern (Multiple Dates Available)

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Multiple Dates

Additional Dates

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Party Host

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Hey Men. This new group EBMG/BWM, the brother group of AWMG/After5, are for those men who are available through out the morning hours, and into early afternoon. Whether retired, the day off, playing hooky, or just plain available, this group welcomes you. BWM is a casual, laid back friendly welcoming group . With an equally welcoming atmosphere. Activities welcomed are mostly vanilla. Voyeurism, jo, oral, rim, top/btm scenes, and nothing too freaky. Complimentary Mini Continental Breakfast will be offered along with mimosas. Respect and decorum are most essential. TY. If any Qs contact me directly. TY.


  • Verified? The Host has VERIFIED these details
  • Door Policy Open Door
  • Door closes at 1:00PM
  • Cover or Donation June 15th Double Feature Special--attend AWMG/After5 the evening prior and entry is just 20 total....otherwise 15 entry
  • Frequency Bi monthly.

The Crowd

  • Ages All ages over 21, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60+, Unknown
  • Racial Mix Mixed/ Interracial
  • Types of men Average Joe, Blue Collar, Burly, Hipsters, Jocks, Twink, White Collar/ Business Men
  • Average Size of Crowd Max at 75

The Place

  • Vibe Chill/Laid Back
  • Venue Type Hotel
  • Supplies Condoms, Lube, Drinks, Snacks, Shower, Towel
  • Lighting Low

Getting In

  • Instructions Each confirmed guest will receive a password for entry. If no password no entry. After entry exchange guest will be given a hanger and bag to store their clothing and personal items. Only clothing to be worn in open areas are underwear/boxers/jockstraps, socks and shoes other wise naked if ones choice. Phones are to be stored with personal items. No phones allowed in open areas. Respect towards others privacy as well as enjoyment, no interruptions. Guests may go to their belongings when needed. From this point forward upon entering open areas respect and decorum are most essential. You may contact me directly with any Qs. TY.
  • Host Email sportsfan7637@gmail.com