• New Orleans, LA, USA
  • Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 11:00 PM US/Eastern
    Sunday, November 21, 2021 at 4:00 AM US/Eastern

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Party has ended.

Party Host

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Oh fuck it's been so long since we've interacted with other human beings. How do we even do this shit again? Somehow our fucking sex dungeon is still standing after everything that's happened in the last thousand years since March 2020, and our Vyvanse finally kicked in and taught our brains how to have executive function again, so I guess we should try to have an orgy? Come strip down to your underwear with all the other queers who finally got their late-in-life ADHD diagnosis over the pandemic! Self-medicate your newly-worsened clinical depression with a whole bunch of strangers' bodily fluids! Did you know there's a whole fucking ton of oxytocin in cum?! Maybe this party will finally cause your brain to produce some goddamn dopamine! Fuck it! Give it a shot! What else has worked?


  • Verified? The Host has VERIFIED these details
  • Door Policy Somewhat Selective
  • Door closes at 3am
  • Cover or Donation $15 Suggested
  • Frequency Monthly, Saturdays

The Crowd

  • Ages 18-20, 20s, 30s
  • Racial Mix Mixed/ Interracial
  • Types of men Hipsters, Jocks, Twink
  • Average Size of Crowd 30-40

The Place

  • Vibe Chill/Laid Back
  • Venue Type Sex Club
  • Supplies Condoms, Lube, Drinks, Snacks, Shower
  • Lighting Low

Getting In

  • Instructions Read rules and get a ticket by going to https://undercurrent.wtf and clicking on the graphic for the current party. Online sales and signup only. Advance tickets preferred but you can also just pull out your phone at the door to buy one.


    This is a younger crowd party, for ages 18-40.
  • Host Email gays@undercurrent.wtf
  • Website http://undercurrent.wtf