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Alex Cheves offers a handy handbook (or in this case, slideshow) to gay group play
Posted By GSC Admin Team     October 27, 2017    
The Advocate's Alexander Cheves sure knows his way around the gay sex party world! He's come up with 55 whole DOs and DON'Ts of attending a gay sex party that is highly recommended reading for anyone new to the fun and thrills of gay group sex. Some may seem obvious, others not so much, and some could be left up for debate, or maybe a good topic for conversation while you are getting dressed (or undressed) at your next sexual soire (but for God sake not during: See Item #34). But they're all worthy of your consideration, so without further ado...

Here are Alex Cheves' 55 helpful hints

BTW, this is only one of many of Alex's interesting slideshows on a variety of sex-positive topics that he has written as part of his Sexy Beast Column for The Advocate Check out more of them HERE!