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This Friday get yourself a big-ass helping of some BEEF at Manhattan's only Safe-Sex Party for Bears, Cubs, Otters, and the guys who love to fuck around with them.
Posted By Alpha Spectrum     April 22, 2015    
Washington Heights, New York, NY, United States - Get Directions

Hey guys, it's that time for another one of our big-ass BEEF Bear Bashes this Friday April 24th from 8pm to Midnight, and we can’t wait to get our hot, big-and-hairy men back together for another suckin fuckin frenzy! We’ve got the only safe-sex party in Manhattan for bears, cubs, otters and the guys who love to fuck around with them. Our last couple of parties have been off the hook with all our guys going at it together in one big pileup on our bed in our back bedroom, or in the living room, couches, or hallway, or frankly wherever they could find a space to play! We’re not talking a few dudes playing over here, a few dudes playing over there, nope, this isn’t just a sex party, it’s an honest-to-God full-out Bear ORGY we've got going on up in here. And since it’s safe-sex, we make damn sure everyone keeps it wrapped when they’re fuckin so you don’t have to worry about someone slipping something in you unprotected. That means everyone can just relax and really go at it, and damn do they ever!

In case you can’t tell, we’re really excited about having our boys over again this Friday for some more good times and great sex, and we’re also looking forward to inviting some new guys into the fold. So we’re looking for a few good men between the ages of 21 and 59 who are ready to fill our apartment (and each other) with the sweet smell of sweat and testosterone.

We’re a multi-racial couple and this is a multi-racial party cause we find nothing hotter than getting a diverse group of guys to go at it together. So we’ll be getting down with our Black, Latino, White, Asian and Middle Eastern bros from all over the Heights, the Bronx, cross the GWB in NJ, comin up from Brooklyn, over from Long Island and down from upstate. We always get horned-up guys from all over coming back party after party for more and you’ll see why once you taste our smorgasbord of manflesh for yourself!

Want to have a better idea as to whether BEEF would be your thing? Here are some pics of the kind of guys you can find at BEEF. These pics aren’t of our actual members, just some pics we found scattered around the internet that remind us of some of our members…








That would be pretty much anyone who is into the types of guys above.


So does this sound like something that’s for you? Of course it does! But, you've gotta be a BEEF member to attend, so if you aren’t already, head on over to and sign up! Make sure you hit us up before 6pm on Friday night because after that we will be busy getting ready for our guests and won't be able to check our email, or respond to requests so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to apply and send in your face pic.

Check out our listing here for more details and we hope to see ya there!

                                                                                                    - Brad and Johnny


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