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We continue heating things up in Midtown with our July Ass Action Hotel Parties!
Posted By Alpha Spectrum     July 10, 2015    
Midtown, New York, NY, United States - Get Directions

Starting next Friday, we continue heating things up in Midtown with our July Ass Action Hotel Parties! As the name suggests, Ass Action parties are for guys into fucking and/or getting fucked in a group setting, although there is always plenty of jacking, sucking and general group making-out action as well. These are safe-sex parties for guys who are into playing safe, so the parties have strict “no raw fucking” policies.

Besides being a whole lotta safe-fucking and sucking fun, the parties are also known for their laid-back, friendly social vibe. In other words, they are sex parties that actually feel like parties! We like everyone to get all comfy and friendly with each other so these are not the parties for stand-offish stand-and-pose types or guys with “attitude.” These ARE the parties for fun social guys who like their group sex upbeat and playful and are just looking for a good ole’ time with a group of good guys.

Each month we host Ass Action parties for the members of our two clubs: BEEF (for the bear crowd) and Men’s Den (for the fit/athletic crowd). Both clubs are a diverse group of guys from many different ethnic backgrounds that are into mixing it up with a diverse, interracial group, so those with “racial hangups” need not apply. But if you are into enjoying all the different kinds of hot guys NYC has to offer, then our parties will probably be just what you were looking for.

On Friday, July 17th...

First the Bears are up to bat as they mix it up with cubs, otters and chasers at our BEEF HOTEL PARTY on Friday, July 17th. We’ll kick off the party with margaritas and general debauchery starting at 8pm and the fun goes past midnight (doors close at 11pm). Keep in mind that this party is for BEEF members only so you need to apply for a membership before you can attend. BEEF is a safe-sex group for bears, cubs, otters, and the guys who like to fuck around with them ages 21 to 59. To apply, go to

Then on Friday, July 31st... is the sexy fit men of Men’s Den turn to get in on the July Ass Action. As with BEEF, the action starts at 8pm with our own Margarita Madness happy hour and continues on past Midnight with the doors closing at 11pm. Men’s Den is a group of sexy fit guys ages 21 to 49. To find out more about The Den, check out and you can sign up at


They’re both bound to be a hot time, so come join us in our hotel suite in Midtown Manhattan for some Midsummer Ass Action!


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