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We're ending the summer with a BANG at our two Ass Action End-of-Summer Hotel parties!
Posted By Alpha Spectrum     August 14, 2015    

I know, I know. It's kind of sad, but we’re already looking at the last few weeks of the Summer Season. It’s gone by SO damn fast, but we are not letting it end without a big 'ole BLOWOUT ASS ACTION Style!


And what is Ass Action Style you might ask? Well that means there is gonna be a whole lotta fucking going on since these are safe-sex parties –if you’re gonna fuck, you gotta wrap it up – so everyone feels nice and protected and can really go at it!


First up we’ve got our Men’s Den Ass Action Hotel Party on Friday, August 28th exclusively for our fit and friendly Men’s Den Members. We’ll be kicking off the evening at 8pm with my personal favorite summer drink, margaritas! Plus some friendly chat, a little bit of this and that, and before you know it, there will be a hot sweaty pileup of man muscles writing in ecstasy on a king-sized bed in my hotel suite. Now you don’t wanna miss THAT do you?


Remember that you gotta be a Men’s Den member to attend, so if you are in good shape, between the ages of 21 and 49 and are up for a HOT INTERRACIAL SAFE-SEX ORGY with other sexy fit dudes, then head on over to our MEN’S DEN website and sign up for a membership. You’ll have to set up a profile and go through a screening process before you can RSVP, so don’t do it at the last minute or you may not make it in on time!


The fun starts at 8, the doors close at 11 and the action goes till…whenevah!




The following Friday, September 4th, we are kicking off Labor Day Weekend with our BEEF HOTEL PARTY. This one is for the big and/or hairy manly men – bears, cubs, otters – and the guys who love to fuck around with them ages 21 to 59. Ever since we’ve started doing these in a hotel suite in Midtown we have gotten over 40 guys at every party. Have you ever been in a hotel suite with 40+ horned-up beefy men fucking, sucking and jacking the night away? Definitely the way I want to spend a Friday evening, and I can’t think of a better way to end the summer!



But first you gotta be approved as a BEEF member to get the invite, so head on over to the BEEF PAGE to apply!


Drinks and chat starting at 8, with lots of groping and grunting following shortly thereafter. Door closes at 10 and we go on until we’re done.


Looking forward to it! And may the rest of your summer be filled with lots of ASS ACTION!


- Brad


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