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This month we are going “Old School” and taking the Ass Action Parties back to their late Sunday afternoon / early Sunday evening roots.
Posted By Alpha Spectrum     September 20, 2015    
Midtown, New York, NY, United States - Get Directions

That’s right, now that everyone’s “back to life, back to reality” from those summer weekend trips out of town, we are having a good ole fashion Sunday-at-5pm Ass Action Party just like we used to. And I missed them so I’m really looking forward to finally doing it again! The only difference is…okay, it’s kinda a big difference…is that I'm hosting it in hotel suite in Midtown instead of my apartment in Washington Heights...

but we’ll make sure to have that friendly, warm and sexy “homey” feeling like we always do


These Sunday-at-5 parties are such a great way to end the weekend with a great big release (or two or four) before heading back into the trenches of another work week. This Sunday’s party is specifically for the Men’s Den guys, so you got to be a member to attend, so if you're gl, fit, between the ages of 21 and 49 and you like to place safe in group scenes with a diverse group of guys of all different races, head on over to to get started.


If you’re like “what the fuck is Men’s Den?” You can find out HERE!


See ya at the party! It’ll be a hot way to end a hot September!