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Our October BEEF Bear party is coming up this Friday at 8pm in a hotel suite in Midtown!
Posted By Alpha Spectrum     October 4, 2015    
Midtown, New York, NY, United States - Get Directions

Brrrrr…got cold fast didn’t it? Time to warm up with the big burly beary boys of BEEF! Oh I’m sorry, did I say boys? I meant the big Manly Men of BEEF! (And yes, that is Manly and Men with a capital EMMM! As in “Mmm..Mmmm…Pass me that big ole slab of thick Manly BEEF!”) Well there will plenty of it on the menu this Friday! Our monthly get-togethers usually pack in around 40 hot, hairy, and horned-up Men into our hotel suite, so our Suite is gonna be SWEET! We’ll be wallowing in manflesh starting at 8:00pm and going well past Midnight. And yes I did totally mean wallowing. As in "Wallow - Verb: To indulge in an unrestrained way in something that creates a pleasurable sensation." Yup, that'll be us!

Arrival is between 8 and 9 so that everyone can get there and get all cozy-like with each other as a group.

For the uninitiated, BEEF is a multiracial group of bears, cubs, otters, and the dudes that like to fuck around with them. Safely. (Fucking is with condoms only.) Our group is a mix of all races and ages with about half the guys in their 20s and early 30s (cut-off is age 59). We always get a great group and have a great time together, so if you are a bear or into bears, and like to play with dudes of all different colors and flavors, then sign up for our group and come play with us on Friday!


The party is only for BEEF members, so to apply for a membership, head over to to sign up.


We’ll see you at the party!


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