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From the organizers of the NY Gokkun Gang parties, #spermbanker, a social media experiment to help bottoms fulfill their need for seed. TL;DR if it's not going in a guy's mouth or ass, as a good homosexual, you should be banking your seed for bottoms who need it later. 
Posted By gokkunguys     October 29, 2019    

Help us spread a new meme on social media and hookup sites. We organize the NY Gokkun Gang parties, and often hear from bottoms who have an insatiable need for sperm. We want to help them, and are sharing this idea to make this happen on a large scale.

Most guys jerk off at least once or twice a day, sperm that should be going into a guy's mouth or ass, not a napkin. A huge amount of sperm goes to waste every day, millions of loads per day when you think about it. If it's not going in a guy's mouth or ass, as a good homosexual, you should be saving your seed for bottoms who need it. Here's what we are encouraging guys to do.

Tops/Sperm Donors

- Whenever you jerk off, save and freeze it. Ziploc bags work great (squeeze the air out) and refreeze it right away. 

- Keep track of the count, and post/tweet pics as you save it up. Include your city, load count, and times you are free in your tweets and hookup profiles. Include the tag #spermbanker in tweets, hookup profiles, etc so it is easy to find

- Encourage your buddies to do the same, and encourage bottoms to advertise for #spermbankers in their profiles and party ads. 

Bottoms/Sperm Party Hosts

- Advertise that you are looking for #spermbankers at your party, give guys 2 or 3 weeks notice so they can bank a lot of sperm for you (most guys can bank 30 or 40 loads in that time). Consider making it the "entry fee" for your party.

- Ask guys to send pics of their banked seed, and include them in your party invites (most guys are turned on by cumshots, and will get hard thinking about how many loads you are going to take). You can get competition started this way (some guys are really into this, and get competitive). 

- Warm and mix the banked seed in a bowl (guys love seeing how much sperm there is), and encourage the guys to jerk and suck each other while you prepare to inject it all in the bottom's ass. They'll be edged real good and real to pump fresh loads in him cumdump style. 

- Be sure to keep count of banked and fresh loads, and get pics of the bottom's spermed out ass when you are done with him, tweet and repeat, and have fun. 


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  • Skeet9000
    Skeet9000  · July 1, 2021
    I'd love to be a hole for sperm
  • Subfagalex
    Subfagalex  · January 16, 2021
    I would love to have my faggot belly filled with cum
  • Levi Tshirtguy
    Levi Tshirtguy  · February 28, 2020
    Fuck this is a great idea and hope it works out well well take anybody’s come either from their dick from the jar the glass or any other way they want to shut up my ass. I’m very excited in the tri-state Philadelphia New York Delaware Maryland area...  more
  • Michael
    Michael  · January 8, 2020
    I'm here in Pleasanton California and anybody needing a cumslut. Bottom who needs loads of Cum. Text me anytime 925 699 1211