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Alpha Spectrum brings it's style of multiethnic /interracial hotel play and video parties to Hotlanta
Posted By Alpha Spectrum     November 10, 2019    
Buckhead, Atlanta, GA, USA - Get Directions

Alpha Spectrum, the hosts of the long running Men's Den party for muscular, fit and friendly men are bringing their style of intimate interracial / multiethnic parties to ATLANTA this coming weekend in the form of their new parties ALPHA SPECTRUM'S THROWDOWN, THROWDOWN 2.0 DIGITAL AFTER PARTY, and ALPHA SPECTRUM AFTER HOURS

ALL OF OUR PARTIES ARE FREE and we supply complementary vodka drinks, bottled waters, snacks, condoms, premium silicone Gun Oil lube, and a group of hot men.


First up on Thursday, November 14th is ALPHA SPECTRUM'S THROWDOWN - the Atlanta version of our long-running NYC Men's Den party. This is safe-play party exclusively for muscular, fit, and friendly men of all races who are into men of all races. The party starts at 7pm in a Buckhead area Midtown hotel and goes until 9pm. Door is open from 7pm to 8pm.


This is immediately followed by our THROWDOWN 2.0 DIGITAL AFTER PARTY for all those fit and friendly freaks with an exhibitionist streak that get into video play. We relax the safe-sex rules for this one (you can play how you want) and we bring out the cell phone cams to record some hot multiethnic group action. The resulting vids are posted on our Just For Fans page with the majority of the profits from the page going to charities that benefit the LGBT community like The Trevor Project. Privacy is completely respected and any requests to have face or any other identifying traits (ink, birthmark etc.) cropped or blurred out are completely respected. 

The THROWDOWN 2.0 DIGITAL AFTER PARTY starts right as the main Throwdown party ends at 9pm this Thursday, November 14th. Guests from the earlier party are all invite to stay for the Digital After Party and new attendees can arrive between 9pm and 10pm, then the party goes into lockdown and goes on until we’re all tapped out. 


The following night, late on Friday Night / early Saturday morning November 16th Alpha Spectrum will be hosting it’s first ALPHA SPECTRUM AFTER HOURS video party at 2am. This will be similar to our 2.0 Digital parties but with a more relaxed door and is open to men with average height/weight proportionate to fit/muscular builds. Door is open from 2am to 4am then the party goes into lockdown and goes on until the last dick is drained.

Attendees to our video parties get a lifetime membership to, free subscriptions to our Just for Fans and upcoming Alpha Spectrum sites, and co-ownership of the resulting final video that they can share on their own. 

For more info on all these parties including how to sign up you can check out these links:

See you at the party!


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  • Fun Tall Slim Bottom
    Fun Tall Slim Bottom  · May 5, 2020
    Looking forward to when these parties are able to happen again.