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Next Hotel Party in on January 29th and is free for both members and approved non-members!
Posted By Alpha Spectrum     December 18, 2015    
Midtown, New York, NY, United States - Get Directions

Hey guys, for the New Year, we’re doing something rather radical with the Men’s Den parties to switch things up and make the parties more affordable for all you hot fit types out there.


We’re making them FREE! It doesn’t get more affordable than that! And that’s not the only change…


You also no longer need to be a member to attend! Just fit, friendly, GL, and between the ages of 21 to 49. Here’s how it works…

We will no longer be accepting donations at our parties. Instead, the parties will be hosted for free by Men's Den for both our members and non-members. The group will now be supported by memberships to our group's social network starting at $4.99 a month, but you don’t have to be a member to attend the parties. Members will be able to reserve a spot at our parties in advance while approved non-members will be able to sign up for the standby list. The morning of the party, a portion of any remaining empty slots on the guest list will be filled by randomly selected non-members from the standby list. This way, we know we’ll always have a full party of guys including some hot new ones to play with. A win-win situation for all!

We’re hosting two parties in January, so that means our members will be able to reserve a spot at TWO parties for only their monthly membership of $4.99. I mean you can’t even get a happy meal in this city for that, and I bet these parties will make you a lot happier! Or you can forgo the membership and do the standby list for free. The parties themselves are free either way so it’s all good!

January dates are Friday, January 8th and Friday, January 29th – both from 8pm to Midnight. (Newbees are required to arrive by 9pm.) 



For the uninitiated, Men’s Den parties are safe-sex parties (condoms required for fucking) for fit and friendly guys of all races ages 21 to 49. We say “friendly” because our parties tend to feel like actual parties instead of a dark sex club so there’s a lot of vibing with each other in between all the hot action – in fact all that friendly social interaction tends to lead to a lot more hot and intimate group action – something our parties are never in short supply of.


We host them in hotel rooms throughout Midtown Manhattan to help everyone feel comfy and cozy. We’ve found some cool ones we’re eager to try out this coming year so we’re looking forward to checking out a fresh lineup of locations throughout the year.


So that’s our thing. A friendly, sexy, mixed-race group of fit guys all enjoying each other’s company safely together in a nice comfy hotel room in midtown. We have drinks, snacks, condoms, lube, and a real good time together. And now it’s all on us.


We do have a fairly extensive screening process that requires that you submit your stats and a verification pic, so to get started, head on over to


See you at the parties!