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What happened when members emailed us asking if we knew of other sites that had gay personals like craigslist? We created our own!
Posted By Brad Logan (WGP Admin)     May 5, 2018    

About a month ago when Craigslist took down their personal ads section, we started getting messages and emails here on the site and on social media asking if we knew of other sites that had gay personals like craigslist.  So we decided to create our own sandbox for our horned up members to hookup in! And now we’re happy to Introduce…

Wicked Gay Personals!

This is a new area of the site that offers Free Gay Personals for Men for Men hookups -  You don’t have to be a VIP member to use it!

Like craigslist, we have sections divided up by state and then by major city and metro areas so you can zero in on the Personals Listings in your neck of the woods. But we also have some additional features that craigslist didn’t have like..

  • A Map View Based Location Search so you can see what listings are closest to you
  • The ability to add as many pictures to your listing as you want.
  • You can also upload videos of your sexy self to your listings
  • You can use a rich text editor to format your listing the way you want. You can even add pictures and other images directly into the body of the listing if you so desire.

What you CAN’T post

Now to make the fine print not so fine, here are some of the things you CAN’T post in our free sex personals section...

Anything encouraging illegal activity. This includes…

Asking for money for your time and participation, or slyly putting something in your listing about looking for “roses,” someone who’s “generous,” or any other euphemism that insinuates you will be expecting something of monetary value in return.

Sex with minors, animals, or any other illegal sex act.

Mentioning any form of illegal drugs in the listings other than to say “No illegal drugs.” Only mention 420 if you are posting and hosting in a state where recreational weed is legal.

Pimping out a bottom in a gangbang situation (or any other situation for that matter) where you are asking dudes to pay something or give you something for access to that person or persons. Sure, feel free to invite a bunch of tops over to use your buddy’s hole (or your own), but you just can’t ask for any money (or anything else of perceived value) from them to use it. This would be different from a host of a party asking for a donation to defray costs of the venue and supplies.

What makes a gangbang or sex party legal or not legal?

When creating a post about a gangbang or sex party, it’s important to know what is generally legal and what is not. We say “generally” because local laws may come into play in some areas, but overall it is illegal to charge money for access to one specific person or set of persons. If it could be considered prostitution or sex-trafficking, it’s illegal and not allowed to be posted on the site.

If, however all you as the host is doing is supplying the venue and supplies for men to meet up and do what men do consensually on their own, and you ask for a donation to help defray the costs of the venue and supplies with no guarantee that the guest will end up hooking up with or having specific access to anyone, then you may be okay, (again, check local laws on this to make sure) and that sort of scenario is allowed to be posted.

Other things we are not down for

Of course, the usual no-brainers apply. Posts can’t include any depiction of scat, blood, violence, animals, or underage children. Also don’t post anything that could be considered insulting or inflammatory to a person or group of people. i.e. no racist or homophobic / transphobic bullshit or body shaming, fetish/kink shaming, or any shaming for that matter. 

Your listing must adhere to all of our other Terms of Service as well.

We want to make our Personals section as easy to use and helpful as possible so if you have a suggestion or feature you’d like to see, contact us and let us know about it!

Get started:

Post a Listing

Browse Listings


- The WGP Admin Team


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    frenchslut  · June 15, 2018
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    Oskar  · June 6, 2018
    This a great uxking idea! Well done guys!!