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This smaller more intimate NYC Sex Party for Men of Color had good of mouth, but it went MIA a year or so ago. Now it's back.
Posted By The WGP Admin Team     Apr 18    
Harlem, Manhattan, New York, NY, USA - Get Directions
From the host:

"WE BACK!!!   HARLEM SMASHFEST BACK IN EFFECT!  Underwearz droppin @ 11:00p; last nuttz bust by 4:00a (u hella sexxi, u might get selected to chill for the AfterSmash). 

Saturday's is 'Put Ya Boi On' nite.  Bring one sexxi dude, you get in for $5; bring 2 u in for free!   (Your boiz pay $10 regular price).  Must be 18 - 45 (or tite a.f.).   STRICT DOOR POLICY WILL BE ENFORCED!!    Free drinkz, condomz, lube and snaxx."

For more info, check the listing here.


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