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Listings for Gay Group Sex and Sexy Dance Parties all over North America make their return!
Posted By Brad Logan (WGP Admin)     May 19, 2021    

It’s been a month now since COVID-19 vaccines have been made available to all adults across the US. We’ve been seeing COVID numbers dropping dramatically and, in response, restrictions being lifted in NYC and all across the US. As a result, many venues that have been shuttered for over a year are reopening and events are starting to come back all across North America. It’s looking more and more each day like things are starting to return back to normal, 

It’s time!

Today we are starting the process of bringing our full listings of gay group events back!

In the coming days and weeks we will be checking in on venues and hosts all across North America and updating our listings so we can keep you all on top of what is happening when and where. So check in often to see what all has been added!

As before, Free Members will continue to be able to see the next 50 upcoming events on our Member Homepage (those not signed in will be able to see the next 25) while our VIP Members will have access to our full listing of over 1000 events on our Parties Page as well as the ability to filter and view events by location. (Note that you must be signed in as a VIP Member to access the Parties Page.)

We will continue to have a COVID rating on each of our listings to help our members make decisions that are right them as they plan where to get their group on.

We are also working on a new section for our VIP Members highlighting Annual Special Events across the continent, so those of you who are itching to travel and attend some of the major parties and events that are coming back this year can plan ahead! Watch for an announcement on this new feature soon!

We’re happy to be back in full force and hope to help you get back in your group groove!

Lots of fun and frolicking!

  • Brad and the Whole WGP Team